Private Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR)

An FDR is a critical stage of any matrimonial proceedings; the judge is usually invited to give an indication on the likely outcome of the case after receiving the parties' disclosure and appraisal of their positions. These hearings are widely considered to be effective and often lead to settlement, saving both delay and the cost of a final hearing.

With the family court's increasing burden of work, parties can expect to wait for many months before an FDR date; even then the appointment will be limited in time (an hour is typical), within a busy list of other matters.

A private FDR circumvents the problems inherent in the court system, without losing the essential element and benefits of the court FDR. Once both parties agree to take this course of action, and have agreed to use one of our experts, we can arrange an early appointment and sufficient time to allow the best prospect of resolution. When settlement is reached, a consent order can be lodged with the court in the usual way and any further hearings vacated.

Can I be represented at a private FDR?

We offer a complete package for Private FDR. We are able to offer specialist barristers to represent the parties, alongside the senior member of Chambers conducting the FDR. Each member maintains their independence. For further details please call our experienced clerks on 023 8023 0338.

There many advantages including:

  • Parties choose their own expert tribunal outside the court arena
  • Parties keep control of the process and progress at their own speed
  • Avoids delay with early availability for a hearing
  • Flexible duration – you are not limited to the time allocated by the court and can take as long as is required
  • Date, place and time of the hearing is set by the parties and the independent expert with no risk of the court vacating to make way for other business
  • Decisions can be made on paper, or after an oral hearing according to the complexity of the issues
  • Relative informality
  • Notconfined to financial issues
  • An assurance of total confidentiality
  • Using private FDR does not prohibit the use of the court system if unsuccessful