Friday Briefing With Head of Chambers Derek Marshall
3rd April 2020

Its been another strange week and we are all having to adapt in ways that seemed unimaginable before.

Many of us will be feeling the strain and finding it hard to cope - that isn’t surprising, its a natural human reaction. Its ok to feel upset at a time like this. Remember to focus on the thought that there will come an end to all of this and a time when we will look back on our achievements with astonishment.

Many brilliant initiatives have already been taken by members at College Chambers including Tahina’s webinar, Charlotte’s work for pupils and some videos that we have put together, one of which goes out this evening and another on Monday. Have a look!

College woud like to welcome our new pupil, Christopher Pix. He joins us at a difficult time, however the whole of chambers are here to support. We also extend this support and care to Millie Elliott, who started her tenancy with us this week.

The battle of the tech goes on of course, but people learn to adapt and I’m sure that in the end we will find a way through these difficult times.

Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Derek Marshall
Head of Chambers

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